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JFS Scholarship Assistant Program

Download the appropriate forms you need for the 8th Annual John F. Southall Scholarship Assistance Fund Program.

General Sponsorship

If you want to assist a young aspiring young adult achieve their purpose and excel in education download our general sponsorship package

Business Sponsorship

If you are a business and want to assist a young aspiring young adult achieve their purpose and excel in education download our business sponsorship package

Scholarship Assistance Program Application

Download the Scholarship Assistance Program Application form. Once filled out submit back to our office


Our History

Invincible Kids Accepting Nothing Negative (IKANN) began in 1993 by Thelma and John F. Southall as an initiative to help mentor young people, because of the need they saw in the community that had little or no academic support for the children living there. Because of the generosity of our many friends, supporters and a great group of volunteers, we’ve been able to donate clothing, toys, school supplies, food and household supplies to thousands of less fortunate young people and their families in Chicago, South and Southwest Illinois communities.

Who We Are

A positive mentor can change, and in some cases, save a young person’s life. Having steady, positive influences at key times in a child’s life can lead to increased confidence and self-esteem, improved academic performance and relationships, and can help a child realize their true potential. IKANN help students unlock their own potential by ensuring that the children receive the necessary academic support needed to keep up in school. More importantly, we seek to foster a positive relationship with learning that will give our students hope for the future.

Our Mission

IKANN provide mentorship, education and performing arts, to the less fortunate. It is our mission to build strong personal growth, development and relationships of children and young adults in our communities, by empowering them to become more productive citizens.

What We DO

Through our “IKANN HELP” program, IKANN provides food, clothes, toys, school supplies, to the less fortunate.

The program offered students homework help, math and reading support, cultural enrichment opportunities, and field trips.

● Support Groups.

● Big Brothers & Big Sisters.

● Let’s Talk About It (We have groups for Children, Youth, Women, Men and Seniors in different areas) Example: [Women of Choice. Women Choosing Hope over Issues, Circumstance and Embracing Salvation]

● Spiritual Development

● Group Sessions/Life Experience

The John F. Southall, Sr. Scholarship Assistance Awards is granted to High school students entering college or current college students with at least 60 credit hours (24 years old or younger) whom exhibit outstanding leadership, academic excellence, community service, and demonstrates a desire to further their education. Each applicant is evaluated based on the information provided, and a selection committee will select the recipients. Essays are evaluated for content, grammar and style.

IKANN’s academic program exists to foster and promote the qualities of good study habits, improve reading comprehension skills, oral and written communication skills:

● Tutoring-Kindergarten thru College

● Reading competency to improve comprehension

● College Prep Assistance and other related aspects to admission

● Study Groups (In some area’s we have the after school program)

● Computer Training

● After the death of Elder John F. Southall we started the John F. Southall Scholarship ASSISTANT Fund in 2011 in his honor because he helped so many young people further their education.

● Painting and Drawing

● Graphic Design-Web pages (coming in the Fall in certain areas painting, photo & graphic design classes)

● Photography

● Poetry

● Music (we have an IKANN Choir, band, mine group)

● Modeling

● Drama


IKANN program celebrates your sustained support by offering you an exclusive look into our programs and your impact throughout the year. Together we can ensure our students have the tools and support they need to succeed in school. It all starts with you.


The JFS Scholarship Assistance Award has provided financial assistance for over a dozen students to institutions of higher learning. Each candidate has exemplified service in the community, academic excellence and great character. With your support scholarship recipients are on pace to earn their Bachelors Degree. IKANN pledges help graduate offset the skyrocketing cost of college attendance tuition, books or supplies. In order to meet this goal, we are asking for sponsorships from local businesses and individuals, such as yourself to consider a one time or monthly tax deductible donation:


IKANN is a 501(c)3 (nonprofit) organization and donations are tax deductible.


Board of Directors

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Thelma Southall

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Alonzo Nichols

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Trevell Southall

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John Southall

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Dr. Antonio Mister

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Robert Richards